Not Even Good At Lying!

Burglar pretends to be victimAnd the dumbass winner today goes to the Kalamazoo man who walked into a police station bleeding profusely from his arms to report a crime. The man, who was slightly inebriated, told officers he had witnessed a break-in. He then went on to say how he had followed the burglar into the building, through a smashed window and got into a fight with him. Fortunately he was even able to describe the thief, saying he looked a lot like him! When police went to collaborate the story, they discovered the perpetrator was in fact him. Dumbass was arrested!


Filed under Denial, Friggin loon Nominee, They Live Among Us !

3 responses to “Not Even Good At Lying!

  1. jammer5

    Old adage: A fool and his brain are soon parted.

  2. frigginloon

    Jammers you and your old adage rocks!

  3. It would be funny, if it was not so sadly

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