Didn’t See That Coming!

Hmm, lets wait and see!

Hmm, lets wait and see!

OK, here’s the thing popular Sri Lankan astrologer man. Making unfavorable predictions about the president of the country is gonna get you arrested. Predict that! Oh dear, Chandrasiri Bandara who was attending a meeting over in the opposition’s camp predicted that there would be political change for President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Which is kind of a big no-no considering many Sri Lankans are strong believers in astrologers and their predictions. Hmm, so I can understand why the president wants him to shut the hell up! So I guess its bye – bye to Bandara for now.


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2 responses to “Didn’t See That Coming!

  1. Ann

    Actually this Wizard is at the Williamstown RSL Club tonight LoL. He’s funny as and makes things out of those long wiggly balloons. We were there a few weeks ago and he made my son in law a HARLEY DAVIDSON out of balloons. He made my daughter a purple cat and he made me a little dog. He’s Maltese and attends Wizard conventions all over the world. He was there doing stuff for a family party and my daughter after a few reds says “Oh Wizard oi, over here ” Tres embarrassing but he was a good sport and came over to our table to chat. I have a picture of him on my phone but as we can’t post pictures you’ll just have to believe me. He was also dressed in Purple with moons on his outfit..

    • Ann, you get up to some wacky things lol! Balloons lol…people who make a career out of making things out of balloons..lol! I always look at them with pity…”so this is what your life has become!” Aahahahhah.

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