Do You Swear On The Bible Father?

Waste Not, Want Not

Waste Not, Want Not

Of course there is drink driving loopholes for priests, too many masses and too much communion wine. An Italian priest is appealing his drink driving charges claiming it was the Holy Wine he had to drink during  4 separate masses that had tipped him over the limit. Hmm, must have been one hell of a mass because he registered 0.8 when the limit is 0.5. Despite his explanation the police revoked his drivers licence anyway…friggin atheists!


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6 responses to “Do You Swear On The Bible Father?

  1. jammer5

    Shishhhh . . . when I was a young lad, oh, say three or four hundred years ago, I was an alter boy. Me and my bud used to sneak a bit o’ the grape, and fill the bottle back up with water. We were keeping the priests from becoming alcoholics, of course, and/or from getting caught driving under the influence. 😡

  2. Ann

    That’s why when you go to church with the Pentecostals they drink only breakfast type grape juice. They are mindful that there are alcoholics in the congregation let alone the clergy. True story. .

  3. .50 is illegal, NO crap?
    Wow, back in the day I was still illegal for days after a binge!

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