See, No One Likes Vista!

My bad?

My bad?

Bad,bad pussy. An investigation is under way to determine whether a urinating cat caused a house fire in Benowa, Queensland. Two teenage boys were at home when the fire broke out and they believed their pet cat may be the culprit. Hmm, seems the feline is prone to a bit of spraying and the laptop computer lying in the corner of  one of the bedrooms looked a good a place as any to piss.


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4 responses to “See, No One Likes Vista!

  1. Ann

    Puss would get on fine with Tillie. I have to watch her all the time inside. We section off part of the house which is tiled and that’s were Tillie plays …just in case . She still has the odd twinkle when I’m not looking.

  2. It’s Microsoft the pussy hates.
    Any version.

    You’ve heard of the Unabomber?
    Now it’s THE PC PISSER!

  3. Ann

    I swear , I was trying to puddit out MEOW !

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