WTF Was That?

Lets see how fast they can run?

Lets see how fast they can really run?

OK joggers, try not to piss off the birds. Seems some British buzzards are just as opposed to physical fitness and lycra as I am. Stuart Urquhart was out jogging in Cornwall when he was attacked by a buzzard, that’s right, a friggin buzzard. The angry little enormous thing flew down and whacked him on the back of the head, leaving a bloodied mess for Stuart to clean up… “I have brown hair and I wasn’t sure if the buzzard had mistaken me for a big, slow rabbit”. No Stuart, he just doesn’t like friggin joggers (take a hint!). Then low and behold, after having a nice old tetanus shot,  Stuart resumed the friggin jogging thingy (hello!).  Hmm and of course that buzzard was still sitting right there waiting for him. This time fearless Stuart mangaged to dive clear as the bird came at him with his talons at the ready. Another jogger, Paul Powell, was also attacked, he now has some nice puncture wounds to the head thanks to those buzzard talons. So all and all a good week for buzzards in Britain.


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5 responses to “WTF Was That?

  1. jammer5

    Buzzard/man love. Gay Penguins . . .so why not Buzzards doing dudes?

  2. Man, if exercise is making the man look that much like carrion he might need to consider a different regime.

  3. queenann1

    Well in Oz when you get attached by birds they recommend you wear a helmet and draw eyes on the back of it. See how cool they look then in their lycra lol

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