Wedding On Hold

Whoops silly me, forgot there would be cops EVERYWHERE!

Whoops silly me, forgot there would be cops EVERYWHERE!

Hmm, here’s the thing. If you are considered Salt Lake County’s Public Enemy No. 1, don’t be going to no courthouse to get married fool! Of course someone spotted Frank Paul Reyos when he entered the Ute Tribal Court, he is on every friggin wanted poster in town. Plus he has an unmistakable spiderweb tattoo on his forehead! Hmm, you might want to be changing that title to Salt Lake County’s Dumb Ass No. 1.

Psst What’s the bet the mother-in-law tipped off the police? I would!


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5 responses to “Wedding On Hold

  1. jammer5

    I’d say it was the little head doing the thinking, but when you got a spider web tattooed on you forehead, all you got is a little head, so that would be redundant. So I guess his not-mom-in-law can smile. Or at least until genius daughter meets the next spider web.

  2. queenann1

    Almost – Mrs Spider Women would be really pissed wouldn’t she?lol

  3. queenann1

    I wanted bumble bee but it was taken lol

  4. queenann1

    I found a bumble bee photo and changed it. lol God knows when it will change though.

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