OK, That’s eMuff!

OK, my original story was going to be about the Muff Road sign in New Zealand and how the residents are really pissed that people keep stealing it as a souvenir. So as I normally do, I did some research on the word muff, which is sometimes used to describe a woman’s vagina. It was here my story took a sudden and shocking deviation. Dear god, has anyone been on the Vulva Wiki page? Big friggin warning before you click people….no seriously…I wouldn’t look if you have a heart condition or embarrass easily. OK, on the count…one…two…three. …http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muff_(genitals) .

Oh and isn’t the message priceless…

Wikis Muff page
Honey, can you stand still so I can get a nice sharp reliable reference! And what’s with the “needs additional verification? Nope I think it’s a vulva. Geez and to think the topless nun is worried about her pic being posted on Facebook! I’d be grabbing a lawyer love, whoever you are!

Psst That is way too much information, even for Wiki!


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18 responses to “OK, That’s eMuff!

  1. Ann

    WTF!!!! Mine does not look like that , no way.! No Jammer 5 no pictures will be supplied.

    • LMfrigginAO. Jammers has a new place to play…Wiki!

    • griffin

      That could be because you are looking at it up-side-down Ann. Ask the hubby and see what he says.

      • Blahahhaha Fnord, I didn’t think you would peak! I never thought Wiki would make me blush or you for that matter 🙂 . Hmm, I wonder how many school kids have stumbled across it?

      • Ann

        HAHA you could be right but I used a mirror so it should be right way up. God I don’t know I maybe way off base but I honestly think that the most erotic parts of the body can be actually quite gross. Ok breast as fine if they aren’t too big but penis scrotum and now the muff have given me great pleasure in having a good laugh this afternoon. Well they say that’s also good for the soul. Let’s call it an orgasm for the soul LOL

      • I have been waiting for someone to mention it was shaved. What’s wrong with the Loons, you are usually so quick off the mark. I am thinking it is probably some poor woman who has had her muff snapped by a gyno during surgery and she hasn’t a clue it’s on Wiki. How else can you explain the perfect shave? Would hate to slip with that razor!

      • Hmm, and it isn’t like you could recognize your own twat that easily…and if you could who would want to take them to court and give evidence?

      • Is it true Asians have . . . oh, never mind.

      • This comment was made by “griffin,” who was surprised that my gravatar showed up with his newly-minted identity. Coming out of lurking has its challenges. 🙂

      • Blahahahahahahah, I did notice that but thought you didn’t want us to know you were on the emuff post. I so did LMfrigginAO. Oh and I still am laughing at Rebecca’s comment…poor thing…nothing worse than getting caught with Wiki Muff in the workplace 🙂

  2. Hmm, I guess this post explains why The Friggin Loon gets banned on most government websites 🙂 .

    • Ann

      I did notice it was shaved but didn’t want to go there lol. So I’m glad you were bold enough to go where angels fear to tread.

  3. Blahhahahhahah I just checked my stats to see how many people have actually clicked through to Wiki….bunch of chickens!

  4. Rebecca

    OMFG! I opened the link up in work…Swiftly closed it but people are now giving me funny looks.
    LOL’d though!

    • Ahahahhahaha that is so friggin funny. You know what, I did the same thing. I was doing some research and OMG!

      • “I was doing some research and OMG!”

        Right . . . pssstttt . . . I got this bridge I’ll sell you. Cheap, and only used by little old ladies. Although they did spill a bit of North Korean beer on it one time.

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