New Meaning To Getting Hammered

Man uses hammers to cure constipation

Using tools for your stools..what a fool!

Please don’t try this at home people because we now know it doesn’t work. Romanian Viorel Firoiu has stunned medics in Orlea by rocking up to hospital with two hammerheads stuck up his butt.Seems Old Firoiu had been gorging himself on cherries and alcohol all day and found himself a tad constipated. That’s when the idea struck him. If he stuck a hammerhead up his bum it may help shift the shit.Unfortunately the hammerhead got stuck, so he came up with a second idea…if I used another hammer to get the first one out it might…ouch…where did it go? Hmm, when Firoiu rocked up to hospital he was complaining of excruciating pain.X-rays revealed the tools were well and truly wedged and he had to undergo surgery to have them removed.

Psst Wanna see what two hammerheads in the butt look like? The Sun.


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5 responses to “New Meaning To Getting Hammered

  1. Ann

    Ah boys will be boys!

  2. Ah, ain’t it scary! New generations always finding new ways to get hammered. The gene pool is shrinking, me thinks.

  3. Ann

    I think I told you the story about the fat woman who got the Vibrator stuck up her back passage and daughter’s father in law had to operate to retrieve it.. That hole is an EXIT not and ENTRY. just use a suppository not a hammer. It must have been painful getting it up there.
    I don’t think I’ll ever look at a cherry again without thinking ‘Hammers’

  4. Don’t even get me started on gerbils.

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