What Happened To Our Civilized Society?

Honor Attack in BritainOK, I am not liking these so called “honor” attacks one little bit.A Muslim woman is in hiding (and who would blame her) after a male friend had acid poured down his throat in a suspected “honor attack”  in Britain. The Danish man, of Asian descent, was jumped by a gang of men and stabbed twice in the back before having Sulphuric acid poured all over him . He is now in a serious condition in hospital with burns to 90% of his body . He no longer has his eye sight or his tongue.  The woman says their relationship was purely platonic but it had upset her family. Hmm, and the men who did this haven’t dishonored their family, the community and humanity? How dare they call it an “honor” attack!


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18 responses to “What Happened To Our Civilized Society?

  1. Funny you should mention civilized society.
    I just started reading a comprehensive history of the Osage Indians. I live in the geographic center of what was their lands.
    It seems that after early explorers brought some Indians back to France, a very famous treatise on laws and govt was published there. The treatise was used as the model for parlimentiary govt.

    Okay, none of this matches the post.
    Maybe I’ll blog about it.

    • One last thing.
      The Osage were far ahead of the whiteys of the time when it came to being civilized.

      • I have heard of the Osage and I think (I maybe wrong) there was a documentary a few years back where they were trying to trace the Osage Indians who were taken back to France. Sekan, you know you always have something interesting to say. Glad to see you are up, I have been like a little mouse, flitting back and forth from your blog waiting for a bit of movement :).

      • Been sick the last couple of days.
        Did not feel too ‘bloggie’ till now.

  2. jammer5

    This seems to be the latest rage among Muslims thinking they’ve been dissed. Let the punishment fit the crime, IMHO.

  3. I guess the urge to determine for others what is honorable and what is not is common across cultures.

    Don’t kid yourselves though, this acid buisness is not a Muslim thing, I’ve seen it in the US. It is brutal, no one could ever deserve something like that.

  4. ApleAnee

    Did you miss the baby that had it’s toes chewed off by rats while the parents (teenagers) did nothing? You can’t tell me that baby wasn’t screaming.

    • Hi there Aple Anee, yes I did read that story. I wrote about a similar case several months back about a WWII veteran in a hospital attacked by rats. Lets not forget too, the parents who throw their children from bridges as a payback ( I guess they think in someway that is an “honor attack”). Where has our civilized society gone?

  5. jpf

    We need 40 days and nights of rain, that should take care of it…


  6. SURE IT’S PROGRESSED. They didn’t cut his head off.

  7. Ann

    I saw the very same thing in a movie years ago. I was about a cop cleaning up the place vigilante style. A pimp had poured a can of Draino down one of the prostitutes throats for holding back his money and of course she died. The cop hunted him down and pulled him over for a speeding violation and pumped a whole lot of bullets into him. It was one of those movies where you always saw the cop on his big shiny bike behind those very shiney sunnies and safety helmet but you never actually saw his face.
    I must admit I felt a certain amount of relief when the bad guy died because to tell you the truth in Australia our punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Last night on TV a guy got 4 years jail for killing a young woman. He’s in his fifties and it was a road accident where he got distracted for a moment. He was remorseful, he didn’t intentionally set off that morning hoping to kill someone and yet someone over here can kill someone intentionally and get the same sentence. Now this guy’s family who looked like working class will struggle for the next 4 -5 years or maybe always depending on how jail affects him so now we have two casualties. I think fine him and a community based order. Take away his license too. But how many people get killed in accidents. Had this guy been drunk by all means, he was on his way to work like the young woman. In Victoria our highways are chockers in the moring at peak hour. I felt so bad for him and the family of the deceased woman pleaded with the magistrate not to send him to jail.
    However he’s still going.
    A couple of years back 11 Lebanese guys raped an Australian woman that had befriended them on a train. They all went off and smoked dope . She got raped by all of them and they actually used their mobiles to call others to come and join in the rape. Ok she put herself in a very vulnerable position but to all rape her! Well they got 53 years for their effort.. She’s still alive.
    I think the maximum age of the guys would be early 20s.
    Then last night on the news a woman killed her 16 year old and drove his body to the police station and confessed to killing him. Apparently he was disabled and had become increasingly violent towards her. It will be interesting to see how this is one works out..
    I listen to the news try to make sense of our sentencing laws. It’s crazy.
    Little Darcy’s father still hasn’t been sentenced. I bet he’ll plead insanity at the time and get a smack on the wrist and be ordered to take his medication.
    There is nothing honourable about killing for any reason. My daughter teaches in a Catholic girls school and yesterday they had a nun visit from Pakistan. Arranged marriages with girls of 11 years old to old men is still the norm. Is that honouring your child? Children living in brothels with their mothers and some witness their mother’s being set alight for minor offences. A few years ago on sixty minutes they had the story of and Indian woman whose husband doused her with petrol and burned off her nose after he’s gouged out her eyes. Is that honourble? He’s still living a normal life and she’s blind and has no nose. No prospects for her future either. What should happen to men who carry out this kind of inhumane and barbaric treatment of women.

    The world is a crazy place to be

    • Smoking pot does not cause that behavior.
      The pot was coincidental.

      • Ann

        Thanks Sekan I realise that but that was the reason she got off the train with them. They knew what they had in mind for her well before that. They were calling her an Aussie slut yet professed to have sisters of their own and will kill for them if anyone “DONE THEM HARM” as they so nicely put it.
        Lebanese aren’t that popular here as some refuse to integrate . But 53 years for a 25 year old man. Our sentencing is all over the place.
        4 years jail for an accident and 53 years for rape WTF !

  8. Loon, I did the start of what I hope to be a series on the Osage….and you’re CORRECT.
    Some were taken to France.
    Apparently they explained how their govt worked, and our govts now follow their model. They had a parliment before we had a clue…..

    The guy in the post above would have had his head stuck on a pole for others to see!

  9. The thing that is so disturbing about story is that this woman had/has no control over her life. OK, sure gangs do some horrendous things to each other. But they choose that lifestyle. People throw kids over bridges to get back at their spouses but they are individuals. This is a family.

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