Baseball, Brings a Bee to It’s knees

Bingo the Bee, who is the Binghamton Mets mascot, had an unfortunate incident after his little dance routine following a grand slam. I don’t know how big bee’s balls are, but I think they may have got just a little bit bigger. Took the sting right out of his day. Look away men, it’s nasty…


Filed under How Embarrassing, Sore Loser, That's Gotta Hurt, Whoops!

6 responses to “Baseball, Brings a Bee to It’s knees

  1. God that had to hurt. Love how he followed the instinct to grab it as he was walking off, even though he couldn’t possibly help anything thru the costume

  2. Never get tired of other men getting racked in the nuts.

  3. jammer5

    That bee needs to be taught you don’t pollinate that way. I’m thinkin’ a required visit from a bird is in order to straighten this dude out.

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