Full Strength

I heard it was Budweiser and she didn't use a glass!

I heard it was Budweiser and she didn't use a glass!

Geez, six strokes of the cane for having a beer is a tad harsh me thinks (I hope it was full strength). Hmm, well that’s the price Muslim model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno will have to pay for her little indulgence. Despite a human cry over the sentencing, Harussani Zakaria, an influential mufti  said the punishment if anything was “very lenient”.Kartika said she was not going to appeal the decision and just wanted it over with as soon as possible. It’s enough to make you drink! Did I happen to mention she was also fined $1700.

Psst It would’ve been a bitch if it was her shout next!


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9 responses to “Full Strength

  1. Ann

    That’s ok cause nobody is ever gonna see the scars.

  2. Anon

    This is not ordinary caning that you experience in the old school system or home. The person who is trained to cane is a professional. One whip of the cane will cause the skin to rapture and blood to spew out. She would have to be taken into the hospital until her next stroke of cane.

  3. Ann

    Muslim model Loon Just what exactly does she model , her eyes? Ah Medownick ! Maybe eye make up or sandals.
    Six lashes for a beer. What would I get? I had two glasses of champers with my dinner. $3,400.00 fine and 12 lashes 6 for each glass. Cave dwellers!

    • Ann, they would have to catch you first. As long as your flip flop (thongs for the Aussies) didn’t break or you didn’t trip up in your Snuggie, they’d have a hard time finding you!

  4. Ann

    I’ll drink to that hic !

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