Honey Where’s Our Car?

You are 7 years old and don’t want to go to church, what do you do? Steal your dad’s car of course. Bless, the seven year old was so determined not to attend the Sunday sermon he took off in his dad’s Dodge. The kid reportedly ran a few stop signs and swerved all over the road at 45mph (because his feet could hardly reach the accelerator) with the cops in hot pursuit. He eventually made it home and went running into his house to hide. Of course I have footage of the little devil in action…


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5 responses to “Honey Where’s Our Car?

  1. The church just found its next altar boy.

  2. Ann

    That is soo funny lol I can sympathise with him, at that age those sermons seemed like they went on for ever. I’m amazed at how he could drive so well at 7 years old.

  3. The parents need to cash in on this.
    They have a future NASCAR driver right there!

  4. griffin

    This kid will have an offer from Nascar before he gets out of grade school. Benny Parsons could use a fresh young driver to mentor. He outran the law in the car and on foot.

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