Brother, Can You Spare a Dollar?

How am I gonna get my ciggies now?

How am I gonna get my ciggies now?

OK people, lets put our heads together and think of a way to stop beggars. Oooh, oooh I’ve got it, lets fine the buggers. Great idea, all in favor say “I”. The Alice Springs Town Council are currently looking at adding a few new by-laws, one of which allows council rangers to fine people $130 if they are caught begging . It’s brilliant.Nothing like making the poor, poorer.  Oooh and if you thought that was a bit rough, they are also looking into banning camping on the dry Todd River bed, where many of the homeless sleep at night.Bravo. And if the council then uses the money to build shelters, then the homeless, have in theory, paid for their own homes! Ingenious.

Psst Do you think there is an underlying problem here they don’t want to confront?


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7 responses to “Brother, Can You Spare a Dollar?

  1. Ann

    WTF is wrong with them. Try enforcing it lol If that’s the case start cleaning up the blacks in that place for they are worse than the beggars. Disgraceful!
    The trouble with the Northern Territory is they have two sets of laws, one for the blacks and one for the whites. From what I saw the blacks get away with murder compared to the whites. We do little enough for our poor , homeless and hungry in Oz but our Mr Rudd gives us all $900.00 and tells us to go and spend it. What did these people get. with no fixed address and no tax return submitted? Sweet FA but let’s fine them for begging. Shame one you Alice Springs Council Shame !

    • Psst Ann, I think it was directed toward the indigenous beggars and the creek bed is a popular sleeping place for visiting Aboriginals. I think the use of the word beggars was just being PC.

  2. Ann

    Sorry I was going by the photo lol but I challenge Alice Springs Council for show me one beggar who has $130.00 and I’ll bare my bum in Bourke Street. They’ve never managed to fix the underlying problem with these people but fining them? More wasted tax payer’s money even trying to enforce it. Where are you going to send the summons, to the cardboard box outside the bank?
    Or maybe the creek bed past the big gum tree. Wankers , all of them.

    • Geez Ann, don’t tell Jammers or there WILL be photos. Now there’s a gravatar that could come in handy LOL! Yep, hide the problems in by-laws instead of facing it head on, so friggin typical!

  3. Ann

    Also Loon since when was it PC for the Alice Springs Council to to call their Indigenous people beggars? Those same people bring tourists to the Northern Territory. So it’s only the aesthetically displeasing that need to be out of site and the others can rake in money for art and craft work.
    Off the Subject
    One of the winners last night ( 40 Million) was a guy from the Western Suburbs in Melbourne. I wonder if I know him.

  4. Maybe you missed my post…Cincinnati council member was talking about taxing pandhandlers and making them get a business license.

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