And You Thought No One Would Notice

WTF were you thinking :)

Wow, the Prime Minister has great eyesight!

I am guessing it was a particular word that caught the eye of Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor and not her master of the English language that lead to a cameraman’s immediate sacking. During a government session Kosor spied one the  RTL TV cameraman wearing a “I don’t need sex. The government f**** me every day” t-shirt.  Kosor was so shocked and insulted by the act she requested his immediate dismissal (well, his t-shirt said it all really!). In his defence the cameraman said he wore it because it was the only clean t-shirt he had. Sounds right!


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6 responses to “And You Thought No One Would Notice

  1. Ann

    I had to put my glasses on to read the second line too. Old age is catching up. She needs to get a life. Sound s like and excuse my kids would come up with and IT’S TRUE.

    • Hmm, yep. I once wore a t-shirt in Sicily which said “Hits Happen” much to everyone’s horror, it was promoting a mafia film. Another time were were filming in Japan and Simon, the cameraman, couldn’t work out why people were yelling at him. An old guy even spat at him. Oh maybe it has something to do with your friggin hat.They don’t take too kindly to foreigners wearing “land of the rising sun” emblems on their caps. Don’t mention the war!!!!!

  2. Ann

    I hope you kept all that stuff. What great memorabilia.

  3. Andy

    The site that sells those t-shirts – – has a less offensive version too, replacing the expletive with “screws” instead. Perhaps he should have bought that one instead – it might not have cost him his job!

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