Mystery Mouse

Whew, I could hold on much longer!

Whew, I couldn't hold on much longer!

Oh dear god, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are investigating claims a dead mouse was found in a can of Diet Pepsi. A guaranteed way to lose weight I say.Fred Denegri knew something was up when he thought his Diet Pepsi tasted weird. After pouring the contents out he discovered to his horror that his drink also contained the body of a mouse. Well, any consolation, at least it was dead! A spokesman for Pepsi said “It is virtually impossible for this type of thing to happen in a production environment,”. Seems unless it was speedy Gonzales there was no way in hell a rodent could get into their 1,250 cans a minute manufacturing process. It’s a job for David Copperfield.


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4 responses to “Mystery Mouse

  1. Ann

    Oh I dunno about that we got a can of Foster’s lager with about an inch of thick back oil in it. Jan started to drink it and gagged. WTF I called up the company and they came and picked it up. We never did hear what or how it got in there.

  2. how did he get the mouse out that tiny little tab hole?

    • Very carefully 🙂 . I wonder if the mouse was already in the ingredients prior to it being processed? Remember the illegals hiding in the truck of cocoa powder ? They nearly ended up in a block of chocolates!

  3. celticqueen

    I suppose maybe under high pressure, who knows but imagine how it must have smelt and tasted. A dead mouse smells like a rotten potato only x 100.
    SOOO bad.

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