Oprah Nearly Had a Blast

Move on, nothing to see here. The backpack outside Harpo Productions’s (Yep, Oprah’s joint) which was believed to have wires hanging out of it, raised enough alarm bells for the Chicago Bomb and Arson Unit to investigate. But it was soon determined that the suspicious backpack, which was found in the flowerbed, turned out to be just a suspicious backpack in the flowerbed. It’s the weekend people, slow news day!


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10 responses to “Oprah Nearly Had a Blast

  1. When I first glanced at this I thought it said, “Oprah Nearly Had a Beast”, and I thought, dude, did she mate with Cruise?

  2. Okra.

    Did somebody say Okra?

  3. Ann

    Is it just me or do others find the text on here too light. I can never see comas and full stops that I fail to delete if I change things around. I have to highlight it all and sometimes I get sidetracked with that little fluff ball chewing things around my office and I forget and just don’t bother.

    • Ann were you messing with me? What happened to our Celtic Queen? You can make everything bigger on your computer by adjusting your screen settings. 🙂

      • Ann

        I swear to God that I never changed it back it just disappeared. Honest, even my last post disappeared. WTF. It’s you isn’t it ? lololol
        Would this face lieto you ?

  4. Ann

    I just changed it back to the Celtic one and it’s still not back so I have no idea what happens. When I check to see what I’m using it shows the Celtic Cross but when I post it’s back to well, me, Goldie Locks. Now that’s a better Gravatar.

  5. Ann

    Apparently I didn’t clear the cache and I have now but nothing! Computers !

  6. Ann

    She went to the big Gravatar in the sky, actually I think she had her head chopped off. I’m very happy tonight the Western Bulldogs won by 31 points YEH GO DOGGIES !!!

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