Generation WTF

Welcome to the next generation.

Welcome to the next generation.

Holy Hogwart Batman, a mother from Leeds who had asked a group of teenagers to shut up during the screening of Potter And The Half-Blood Prince  has had bleach poured all over her . The group of teenagers obviously took offence because after the family left the cinema the youths hurled abuse at them as they walked over to the Frankie & Benny’s restaurant. A few minutes later two of the low lifes allegedly entered the restaurant and threw bleach over the unsuspecting mother as her family looked on in horror. It still isn’t know whether there will be permanent damage to her eyes. Hey Civil libertarians, is this the end result of not allowing parents to discipline their children or to take responsibilities for their own actions? Nice isn’t it?


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6 responses to “Generation WTF

  1. Ann

    Not on my watch I’d knock them out!

    • I could see you whacking them like helpless maggies LOL!

      • Ann

        I would and I’d get arrested and thrown in the slammer. I had a problem once with a kid in my sister’s neighborhood. She just rode her bike up the middle of the road and wouldn’t get out of the way of the traffic . Her dog who looked a lot like Toto was merrily running along side her off his leash Meanwhile Dorothy was telling us all to off we didn’t own the f… road. Well neither did she. I drove behind her and followed her to her front door and her mum came out. I discussed what had happened. The incident up the middle of quite a busy road and Toto off the leash running too. Her reply to me was ” And I suppose yours are better? ” I said that as a matter of fact they are a whole lot better and that they were never rude or offensive but if I found out differently I’d be ruling the roost. I just told her that I could see where Dorothy got her attitude. If I thought for a minute my kids had behaved like that I’d have something to say to them. It turns out Dorothy’s real name is actually wait for it …. TRINITY who attended a rather posh school in Keilor/Essendon area. Her father was a local Lawyer/ ex accountant. Mother Polish and father Australian I think. Who the hell calls a girl “Trinity?

  2. Its times like these “an eye for an eye” doesn’t sound so bad.

  3. Ann

    I think he’d use that wand

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