Whoopsie Daisy



OK, no laughing people, it could have really hurt. Police Officer Ryan Venno was perched on the Snow Road bridge in Berrien Springs, revenue hunting working a speed trap, when he kinda fell off and landed slap, bang , near US 31 Bypass. Evidently Venno had found a you beaut spot on the ledge of the bridge in which to use his radar gun (oh and where cars couldn’t see him). Hmm but while maneuvering himself into a comfy position he fell, bounced off another ledge before falling another 23ft. As no other officer noticed his plunge, Venno had to call it in to Berrien County dispatch (embarrassing). Officer Venno is now nursing a fractured leg. Hmm, no word on if there was any damage to the speed gun!

Psst To all the eBayers or souvenir hunters, evidently remains of Venno’s pant leg and sock are still under the bridge unclaimed.


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5 responses to “Whoopsie Daisy

  1. celticqueen

    Loon the more I read about the yanks on here and on other blogs the more I’m starting to really appreciate our way of life. Our cops are too lazy to get their butts out of the car and just hide in the bushes out of the sun. Come on, it gets tiring holding that damned radar gun. The thing is when you drive to Bright once a month for 16 years you have a fair idea where they might be sleeping. oh sorry I meant sitting no I meant parked . Yes parked, that’s the word I’m looking for.
    By the way officer you should maybe drive something a little less conspicuous than that silver, pink and blue shiny new patrol car. The sun is just bouncing off it and almost blinded us.
    I wonder if I’ll be able to buy one second hand at the auctions in the coming years. I’d love a hoon car before I die. You should see these things go!

  2. I remember a joyous time when My son and I were walking along a nature path, looking for a good place to lure some unsuspecting bass out of hiding. The local Biker cops were there, with a squad of rookies. The rookies were pushing their bikes along the trail (too rocky to ride these hogs).

    One rookie lost control and dumped his bike down about fifteen feet into a ravine, and almost in the river. There was some serious -mouth behind the hand- chuckling. The most entertaining part was when he was told he had to bring it back up himself. This was no offroad bike, but a full dressed hog. AAhhhhh, payback come in many forms. Is it a sin to gloat in situations like that?

  3. Steve

    I think this is funny and I’m glad he got hurt, but before people think I’m a real jerk allow me to explain:

    If a firefighter risked his life fighting fires, but had a hobby of lighting homes on fire I think we’d all find justice if he sustained 3rd degree burns while trying to burn someone’s home.

    If a pastor spent his life helping others, but helped himself from time to time to the “services” of prepubescent boys then I’d find it funny if he found the clenched fist of an angry father collapsing his nasal passage.

    If a nurse spent her time risking infections to help others, except for those times when she intentionally gave patients the wrong drugs to view their reactions, then I think we’d be relieved if she eventually had a lethal injection of her own.

    So here we have a cop that has likely put his life at risk protecting others on numerous occasions, but then he also has a habit of ruining lives by being nothing more than a tax collector with a gun. Speed limits are rarely set for safety reasons. Speed limits are set for revenue generation purposes. Governments set rates as low as they can get away with so that they can harvest $200 fines from the public any time they choose. Officer Venno was choosing to exploit people, and for that I laugh at his situation. I hope it has lasting repercussions so that he will forever reconsider moments when it can exploit other people.

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