Educated, Unemployed and Angry



Okie Dokie, so now let me get this straight, colleges are employment agents too? Trina Thompson is really peeved with her college. No, I mean, really. She wants them to give back her $70,000 of tuition fees that she spent to get her Bachelors degree because she can’t get herself a job. That’s right, no job.In her Bronx Supreme Court lawsuit she alleges the Monroe College failed to give her adequate employment leads or advice “They have not tried hard enough to help me,”. Even her mom has weighed in on the situation “They’re not making an effort.” Damn, I am getting on the phone to my lawyer too. Geez, I didn’t know they found you jobs!

Psst Check out Bearman’s cartoon response.


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5 responses to “Educated, Unemployed and Angry

  1. I want a refund for the days I didn’t go to class.

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