Someone Killed the Great Carp of Britain

Benson the biggest carp in Britain is deadSay it ain’t so, Benson the biggest carp in Britain is dead. The fishing world is in mourning after news spread that someone had poisoned the famous fish. Benson had made his home at Bluebell Lakes some 25 years ago and had been caught over 60 times by anglers. Benson was undoubtedly their main tourist attraction weighing in at 64lb (29kg). Nobody was worth their salt as an angler if they hadn’t caught Benson. Sadly someone had thrown a large quantity of uncooked nuts into the water. Nuts are highly toxic to fish because they can’t process them and just swell up and die. Nuts were found along the banks of the lake and several empty bags were found in the skips. Tony Bridgefoot, the owner of Bluebell Lakes said “We are all still trying to come to terms with his death and get our heads around what has happened.Money could not have bought Benson. Fish that big are unique.”. RIP Benson.

Psst I bet Benson is glad he doesn’t have to get dragged out of the lake by his mouth no more! Imagine how many hook holes he had!


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7 responses to “Someone Killed the Great Carp of Britain

  1. couch potato

    I wonder if they ate Benson? A peanut butter and carp sandwich.

  2. Fixing carp for dinner: Catch carp, fillet, salt and pepper to taste, pin fillets to soaked (North Korean beer) ceder plank, bake to 300 degs f for 1 hour, throw fish away and eat the board.

  3. boggartblog

    Sadly we hear another gian carp has fallen victin to the Bluebell Lake poisoner. We begin to suspect the Angling Mafia are involved. Never mind RIP Benson, its Benson sleeps with the humans or something like that. The Lake owner will be waking up sometime soon to find a carp’s head on the pilllow next to him.

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