Bill Clinton To The Rescue

Yeah, but their beer tastes like shit!

Yeah, but their beer tastes like shit!

Shhh, we still have to be hush, hush, because you know Kim Jong Il has tendencies to change his mind but it looks like the two jailed American journalists are the luckiest women in Pyongyang ! Bill Clinton’s the man. He went on a little mission to visit Il and play nice (despite all the nasty things he had said about Hillary’s orange pant suit) in the hope that they would release Laura Ling and Euna Lee from the bowels of the North Korean prison. So far so good Bill, Il has announced, thanks to North Korea’s “humanitarian and peace-loving policy,” their immediate release. As for Bill, he now has to explain to Hillary what he was doing with a box of North Korean cigars!

Psst Isn’t it Hills job to do the negotiating? Lazy bitch!

UPDATE The two American journalists have left North Korea and are heading home. Now Bill, behave!


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3 responses to “Bill Clinton To The Rescue

  1. Ann

    Nah she’s still unhappy about the pant suit jibes. I think Bill can have all the cigars he wants these days. She probably saw the light. LOL

  2. Ann

    Yeah and he being touchy feely about materials and all, she might have thought WTF and slugged him for his trouble. She may have ended up with 12 years hard labour herself.

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