Honey, Your Feet Are Col….WTF

My wife doesn't have a .... ahhhhh!!

My wife doesn't have a .... ahhhhh!!

You know most people wouldn’t complain if a naked man wandered into their hotel room. OK, they probably would! A couple staying at a hotel  in Queenstown, New Zealand, got the shock of their lives when some wayward, drunk, naked, Aussie guy waltzed into their room and fell asleep in their bed. Exit couple. The terrified  woman hid in the bathroom while hubby, I assume, got help. Seems the drunk naked guy was just as surprised to discover where he was, as the laughing policemen who woke him!


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8 responses to “Honey, Your Feet Are Col….WTF

  1. celticqueen1

    This happened to a friend of mine in hospital although he wasn’t drunk he was well, NQR. She awoke to this guy trying to climb in beside her and was telling her to move over – in a single hospital bed!!! She’d just had a bowel op and wasn’t feeling up to sharing the bed even with her own husband lol. Can you just imagine the scenario? I really don’t think women and men should be sharing wards do you?

    • Ahahaha, “move over”, selfish bastard LOL!!!
      When we were filming in Belgium, we accidentally booked ourselves into a brothel. How did I know what friggin “Chambre” meant and no one could speak a word of English. Anywho that’s a whole another story, though I must say their eyes lit up when we carried all our camera equipment in LOL!. So I got myself a big old room and Simon, the cameraman, got himself a big old room on another floor. In the morning (after a very noisy and sleepless night due to all the rooms a rocking) I was served piping hot coffee and a croissant on a silver platter by the man who ran the establishment. As he couldn’t speak a word of English, I just did a sheepish nod of thanks. A few minutes later he came back to my door with breakfast for Simon. He kept pointing up to his room so I just nodded. A few minutes later he came back, still with the breakfast in hand, shaking his frustrated head. Again I pointed upstairs and off he toddled. About 10 minutes later Simon knocked on my door all red faced. Evidently he had been having a shower when the guy kept knocking. Simon thought it was me harassing him so he didn’t answer it. He said after about the third time he was so peeved he stormed out of the shower stark naked and dripping wet and opened the door yelling “What is it!”. Evidently the guy just stood there with silver platter in his hand, looked him up and down and said “Your breakfast is served sir!”

  2. celticqueen1

    We tried to make light of a situation she did not see as funny but I did lol. I still laugh at the thought of it. We has actually restrained after that so the poor bugger had mental probs. We just kept telling her she hadn’t had a better offer in a long time so why not and all that kind of thing but she was anxious the whole time she was in. I love the brothel story. These episodes are great to laugh about later. I still laugh at the guy on the Polish border thinking I was a hooker with my backpack on. Idiot!! Trying to earn my way around Europe. Ah those were the days !

    • Ah the days of backpacking. Hooker LOL! When were filming in Italy, hookers use to suddenly appear out of the corn fields and apple orchards as we were driving along. We use to call them Women of the Corn (whoops I meant corn flakes) and Apple Whores. We think they were picking up the truck drivers. Funniest thing being in the middle of nowhere and a women in high heels and a skimpy dress stumbles out of a field.

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