Soft Target

Man snatches three year olds purseWhat sort of person would snatch a three year old’s purse? Geez Walter Brown that was pretty mean, pick on someone your own size. Hmm, seems the 23 year old just couldn’t help himself when he saw the little girl swinging her purse down the street as she walked with her aunt. Well,I hope the few dollars was worth it Walter, because “stealing from a little girl” isn’t going to look good on your rap sheet or to fellow prisoners!


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Dumbass, Friggin Wrong, Sore Loser

2 responses to “Soft Target

  1. Is it me or do other people think this is way funny? I can just picture the little girls stunned faced, followed by delayed reaction and then the floodgate of tears, whilst the guy sprints off thinking “geez, that was easy”.

  2. Ann

    Loon she could be damaged for life. Never wanting to carry a purse ever again. Even may become a man hater or become a lesbian because of one mean act.
    She may even need therapy and have to start stealing to pay the fees which may lead to drug addiction because of all the stress. No I think she’ll be fine but will he ?

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