Mona Lisa Punk’d

Take that bitch!

Take that bitch!

If you are going to throw something at the Mona Lisa, a cup of English Breakfast tea is a good a thing as any. Hmm, some crazy Russian woman hurled her cuppa over the heads of tourists and managed a direct hit on the bullet proof glass housing the famous Da Vinci painting at the Louvre. The woman was later jumped by security guards and dragged away.  A museum spokesman said ‘It is one of the most well guarded works of art in the world, and it would take more than a well-aimed tea-cup to damage it.’ Yeah, he’s right. But doctors are now assessing the strange Russian woman for Stendhal Syndrome,you know that weird condition that causes people to go into an utter state of confusion and/or commit violent acts when they are exposed to art (aka smart defence strategy). Geez, that painting has been through it’s fair share of drama, it’s been stolen, had acid and a hammer thrown at it and now  tea! It’s her friggin smirk!

Psst Hmm, I hope it was Twinnings, they make the best brew! Gosh, I hope it was Nigella!!!!


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9 responses to “Mona Lisa Punk’d

  1. I read some stuff about who the woman really is.
    True to form for old hippies….I forget.

  2. Ann

    I can’t imagine her getting in to the Louvre with a cuppa. I could hardly get past those female guards with my small backpack let alone a cup and saucer full of tea. She grabbed me by the bag and swung me round and told me to carry it not wear it which I did as she was huge. Even a paper cup would be a missile as far as they are concerned.
    It’s usually chockers around The Mona Lisa so how she didn’t spill her tea all over everyone is another thing. There is something amiss here Loon.

    • Ann

      Oh sorry I just googled it it was in her bag. SHNEAKEE LADY !! The security there is a bit like Jika Jika !

    • Urgh, I hate crowds at the best of times but I remember having to wait ages to get a glimpse of the smirking, no eyebrows, bitch (small isn’t it, I think Leonardo was short on paint!). But I must say when I was in Russia in the 1990’s I went to the Hermitage. All the windows were open (it was -33 degrees), little old ladies (mostly sleeping) on stools were suppose to keep an eye on people (fat chance) and I had my nose so close to a Rembrandt and Picasso it was criminal.

      • Ann

        Yeah I was expecting something much bigger. I took out my camera but once again “NO FLASH MADAME” Hmm I thought to myself I haven’t come this far not to get a photo of that smirk so I filmed her with no flash and it came out ok. Bloody French Nazi. They are obnoxious!
        Even the Van Gough’s are small. But how are the big ones they fill huge walls with battle scenes and all kinds of stuff? Sekan would love those battle paintings they are ginormous!! I’m glad I got to see it all as I doubt if I’d ever be back. I was surprised how dark and dreary Notre Dame is too.

      • Did you get to Waterloo and that big friggin mural! I was hoping to see Napoleon’s wiener in a pickle jar. No such luck.

  3. Ever stop to think Mona’s been sitting there for, like, a couple million years and just might want a bit of caffeine? Mona probably told her she wanted a cup O tea, and she was trying to oblige her . . . what?

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