Get Those Creepy Bollards Away From Me!!!!!

Here's what I am talking about!

Here's what I am talking about!

Leicester City Council have been scaring the shit out motorists ever since they placed creepy looking lifelike-ish plastic “child bollards” near schools to slow down drivers. It is suppose to trick the driver into thinking there is a child about to cross the road but so far it has only succeeded in scaring the living daylights out of them. One resident says the eyes are scary and he gets freaked every time he walks by them at night! Another local claims they look like the Autons from Doctor Who and even a council member admitted they look like something out of the movie Children Of The Damned. The council paid £350 each for the little suckers and they are hoping it will encourage driver safety. Good luck with that!

Psst They remind me of these freaky things that I found  lurking in a park .




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4 responses to “Get Those Creepy Bollards Away From Me!!!!!

  1. Ann

    They should come to Geelong I’ll email the people we bumped into on the foreshore They are made out of poles

  2. They remind me of the statues on Easter Island.

  3. jammer5

    Here in Kansas, our state bush is the orange barrel. They multiply like crazy, as there are more and more of them, it seems, everyday. Kellogg, the main drive through Wichita, has had them since I was stationed in to late 60’s, and have gained such a foothold, mail is delivered to them (I made that up).

    I’m thinking if we replaced them with the mad dolls, people would freak out and complain so much, actual roadwork might actually get done. Whatcha think, sek, start a campaign?

    • griffin

      Then they would look like road crew supervisors and we all know, even with the supervisors looking on the workers just stand around holding there broom or shovel. The fastest you ever see them move is at quitting time.

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