There Was a WHAT On My Shoulders?

Blahaha, what a dumbass!

Blahaha, what a dumbass!

If you are in possession of drug paraphernalia I wouldn’t suggest you ride a bicycle with a metre long alligator hanging around your shoulders. Hmm nope, that will just attract unwanted attention. When police pulled up along side Terron Ingram in Louisiana he did what any jail fearing fool would do. He ditched the bike and the alligator and made a run for it.So now he can add cruelty to animals by abandonment, to his resisting arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia rap sheet!


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3 responses to “There Was a WHAT On My Shoulders?

  1. Ann

    The alligator is probably languishing in some sun soaked pool in the best zoo around. Seems fair.

  2. Ann

    I see absolutely no need for people to have reptiles , snakes or spiders of any kind. These are not pets they are exhibits. Now take Tillie, please someone no no what am I saying ! She’s cuddly and cute and after much training she sits, drops, high fives and brings her bowl when she’s hungry, her pink princess leash to go for a walk and the blue one for tug of war. She’s one year old on the 25th of this month. I was exasperated with her for months but now I’m finding that I love her dearly. She’s a great companion and is learning fast that Jan has special needs, I tell her to go and wake him and she does just that. She jumps on his bed and pulls back the doona. She’s come a long way in about four months. Who’d want a snake when they can have a Tillie?

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