Drinking Can Make You Legless!

Man uses severed leg as warning against drink drivingEwh, every year Song Weiguo of Jiangyan in eastern China, whips out his formaldehyde soaked leg and puts in on display in his town to warn people of the dangers of drink driving (so very Norman Bates of him!). Song lost his leg over 20 years ago after he got on his motorcycle drunk and cleaned up a tractor (hmm, or was that the other way around?). Anywho he somehow persuaded his doc to let him keep his severed leg. He keeps it in formaldehyde and brings it out on the anniversay of his accident (August) every year and then invites people, who he suspects drive while under the influence, to get a gander of it, in the hope it will change their ways. Song reackons it scares the hell out of anyone that views it and believes the lack of drink related accidents in his town is proof his strategy is working.


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14 responses to “Drinking Can Make You Legless!

  1. Ann

    This made me laugh Loon. I worked with and I.T. guy who was an amputee. I really didn’t know him that well at this stage but his leg was amputated right up to his testicles. Yep, it came off at the knee first then Golden Staph set in .. twice so two other ops to remove more leg . One day I was moaning as I did my knee running for a train. I was limping badly and he asked me what was wrong with me. I told him I had done something to my knee and he said, ” that’s how mine started” What an ice breaker. We got on like a house on fire after that.

  2. “drink driving” what is that?? haha

  3. haha…. I used to go to Tafe with a guy who turned up one day on crutches, minus a leg. It had only been a week since we’d last seen him in class and everyone got a big shock. He said “I was in a motorbike accident….. (gasps and consternation all round – then he laughed)…. 6 years ago. Picking up my new prosthesis tomorrow.”

    • I remember visiting someone in hospital and the person in the other bed had lost a leg. They said the worst thing was they sometimes had an itchy foot but there was nothing there to scratch! Weird, mind games.

      Reminds of an old joke…
      Doctor, Doctor, I can’t feel my legs.
      Hmm, that’s because we removed your arms!

  4. Ann

    I didn’t realise until recently that Adam Hills the Spicks and Specs guy has only one foot.

  5. jammer5

    That’s food for thought.

  6. Ann

    In a way Loon I admire Heather Mills. Shoulders back show the rack kind of gal and she walks well with that leg. I think if that was me I’d go into hiding, I don’t think mentally I’d cope as well as she does. She married Macca and took on all the media fanfare like the true pro she is lol.

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