Punjab vs Oak Tree

Racist street dispute in BrisbaneSo when is changing the name of a street, racist? When the name is Punjab Place. Seems the residents at Boronia Heights in Brisbane really don’t like the name and think Oak Tree Place is more appropriate and prettier. So they have put in a petition to the local council to have it changed.  Oh dear, it seems  Developer Manjit Bopirai isn’t happy! Mr Bopirai is the guy who requested the name in the first place and is planning to fight the petition because he believes they are just being racist. Mr Bopirai says “It’s our heritage, it’s our money. We can name it whatever we like,”. Further more he added “I have never called Australia a racist country but in this instance I will.” Oh boy, meanwhile back at the residents camp, they believe the name Oak Tree is more appropriate considering it runs along Oak Tree Lifestyle Village. Anywho even the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin have joined in the fight saying “Regardless of whether this is just because one name is prettier than another, people in India would see it as a terrible slur.”

Psst Would Australians be upset if locals in India petitioned to change a street name that had connections to the land down under?


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17 responses to “Punjab vs Oak Tree

  1. Ann

    Yes I think they would upset if we called Indian towns after our Aboriginal tribes and I also think this is Australia and even though I really love the Vietnamese we are slowly but surely losing the Australian feel to each suburb that is inhabited by Somalian, Sudanese, Indian and many others. I still maintain when in Rome……………………….. Keep this
    great land as Australian as possible. I don’t need a reminder of where I came from but if you do I suggest Manjit Bopirai that you go back there.

  2. Ann

    It’s already there and Winged Foot Drive also Valetta Street (Maltese Capital)
    You name it we have some shockers!

  3. Jake

    I came here specifically because you called Australia a racist country.

    Go to hell, scumbag. Where do you get off labeling everyone in this country like that?

    This wasn’t a racist move if they like the other name better. It happens all the time, and it *is* an ugly sounding word for people unfamiliar with it. Even if it was racist (which it isn’t), I resent being tarred with that brush.

    Die in a fire,

    • Now Jake, don’t hold back , say what you mean 🙂 . Here is what I think, when you live in a place called Boronia Heights and have Oak Tree Lifestyle Village , it would have been nice to name the street in honor of an Indian flower or tree, just to keep in the theme of the estate. But there is a certain arrogance on the developer’s side when he talks like it is a status symbol rather than something to be just simply proud of. Now it has divided a community and made it just another sad case of pulling out that “racist card”. Even Bopirai Place would have been better.

      Psst Anywho, imagine if someone named a street in India Blackbutt Way in honor of the town in Queensland!.

  4. Ann

    Woo hoo Jake. I’m no Aussie but I’m racist to a degree especially when it comes to people coming here and trying to force their ‘cultures and ways ‘ on the Aussie. It just won’t work with me. I’ve been here for years and love my culture but embrace the Aussie lifestyle. I’m Scottish but there is not one thing in my home that would point to it except my temper.lol.
    We’ve surfed,water skied, snow skied, golf tennis, cricket and footie etc… any sport this wonderful country has afforded us. You name it my lot are there. The kids are Aussies and know no other lifestyle. My husband is Polish so we are a pretty mixed bag. The Aussie flag flies proudly in my backyard and always will.. The Western Bulldogs sticker adorns our Holden Station Wagon so we are Aussie through and through.
    I would never think of calling a street Polonia St or Edinburgh Lane. In fact I think more places should have Aboriginal names. We always had fun on our trip around Oz trying to pronounce them. It made for an interesting trip.I’m glad they called Ayers Rock Uluru. How much better is that?

    • Go Ann, not the bloody Kingswood! Lol!
      I remember visiting a little town in France that was saved by Aussie diggers during the War. Many of the streets were given Australian names as a sign of respect and thanks for what the diggers did. Under circumstances where someone/anyone has made a significant contribution to the community where they have lived or stayed I say yay. It is the community’s way of saying thank you. I don’t think anyone should just name a street for their own benefit. Geez, imagine living on Friggin Loon Lane 🙂

      A quick change of subject. The little village in France has a cemetery where several of the diggers were buried. The townsfolk take it in turns to keep it neat and tidy. For the life of me I can’t remember the name of the town. Anyone?

      • Ann

        In this case I think it is a great tribute to the Aussie soldiers, They earned the respect of that town and what a fitting way to honour them. But a developer, no way.. I’ve never heard that story Loon but I’ll ask my daughter as she’s right into anything to do with Aussie soldiers working out of Anzac House. She teaches the girls about the Anzacs each year. The school has a lot of literature about Aussie Diggers so I’ll ask her to research this for you. She’s in WA this weekend so Monday when she gets back.

      • I thought it was somewhere near Verdun (sugar coated almond area) but I could be wrong. Would be great if your daughter could find out. It is only a tiny little town.

  5. Ann

    No Loon it’s 1998 The Holden Equip. True…. White with alloy wheels and Tillie blankets in the back. How Aussie is that? Did you read the Herald Sun today about the woman who has had her Cockie for 53 years? How great is that? He has toast and tea with her each morning an even picks out the tea bags. That is a remarkable story. She is worrying about what will happen to the bird if she can no longer look after him but some guy has pledged to care for the bird the way she always has. I got all teary reading that story. How much love and trust has that bird built up over 5 decades. It’s just amazing.

    • Yes, I love birds. I use to breed cockatiels . I had this one very sickly bird that hatched and I didn’t expected him to live. He was so ugly and very small. I use to wake up every 3 or 4 hours to hand feed him. He was so fragile I had to take him everywhere with me. Anywho I was invited to a BBQ and of course the little bird came with me. Well, this women at the BBQ fell instantly in love with the bird. I mean she just sat there all night nursing him in his little blanket. He was so very, very ugly (had no feathers yet) but she was mesmerized. Eventually I said would you like to have the bird. She was just about in tears and named it “Tommy” on the spot. She rang constantly wanting to know when she could have him. Well the day soon came to hand over Tommy. I took him over to her house and he flew straight onto her shoulder and wouldn’t even give me so much as parting glance. Tommy turned out to be this stunning yellow and cinnamon bird. The two are inseparable and share their breakfast of porridge together every morning. Tommy rules the house and absolutely adores her (much to her husbands annoyance) . I always believe animals choose their owners.

  6. Ann

    The guy was here today measuring up the pergola and when it’s done the aviary is going in. I will try to find an older cockie as they screech too but not as bad as a young bird. I believe what you say about animals choosing their owner. A friend of my daughter had twin boys and their dog was ignored for a few months as twins are demanding. They took their dog to the dog’s home and let her choose her new friend and now they are inseparable.

  7. jammer5

    Use the old testament philosophy, throw out both names and call it fucku drive.

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