Warning People, Hondas Aren’t Tornado Proof!

Family sue Honda after being injured during a tornadoHands up who wants to handle this case? The Achumba family are suing Honda for $10 million dollars because of the injuries they sustained after a tornado picked up their Odyssey and chucked it to the ground. Evidently when the car came back down to earth the side window shattered and sent glass flying everywhere, cutting the occupants to shreds. One of the children in the car lost an eye. Hmm, this despite the father saying he told his wife not to attend the “back to school night” because there was a tornado warning. Anywho the Achumba family are angry with Honda for not making their cars Tornado proof…kidding…they are pissed that they don’t use laminated glass on the side windows like they do on their windshields.Hmm, good luck with that!

Psst The trick will be to get the judge to look past the fact that you  drove into a friggin tornado! Hmm, you should be grateful the car landed on all four wheels!


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5 responses to “Warning People, Hondas Aren’t Tornado Proof!

  1. Ann

    Getting off subject a bit but true story.

    Bad car story Loon a guy who comes to visit us ( went to school with hubby) and is 59 years old has a baby sister who is 46, Now 46 year old baby sister set herself up as a broker to sell the unsuspecting public cars. Well turns out over a period of time she been pocketing the payments to the tune of $7000.000.00 and all the cars were taken back. This means the people who bought the cars now have no car and some are out of pocket up to $60.000.00 a pop. She was court ordered to stop trading but didn’t so was arrested and is facing 26 fraud charges. This is you average mother of one 6 year old boy . She is now wondering if the court will MAYBE give her a suspended sentence.!!! I hope not as she showed no respect for the order made against her. I never buy through a car broker I love haggling with the sales rep who is trying to fleece me lololol. Much more fun and hopefully one that won’t blow away.

    • Glad to see you hanging with good company 🙂 . Don’t you hate it when someone you know does something really bad. Worse still if it is a reli.
      Awkward Christmas get togethers LOL!

  2. Ann

    I was shocked ! I couldn’t believe her hubby of 8 years didn’t notice all the extra cash she appeared to have which I guess makes him as bad as her. I think I’d know if my lot were spending like a man with no arms. You just don’t know as the brother appears to be a bit over the top football wise but otherwise a hard working guy who wouldn’t rip you off. He comes to watch the footie and always brings stuff like apple pies or chips. Not a freeloader by any means. I’d die if my sisters did stuff like this. Oh dear !!! I asked him if he’s going to court on Tuesday to support her and he’s not – watch the news because if it’s not adjourned it will be probably in the magistrates court in the city. Loretta who? no don’t know her !! lol

  3. that family should have bought a Prius instead of a Honda 😉

  4. Ann

    They don’t blow away they blow up. That’s the car all the terrorists use lol

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