Put Up a Friggin Fence

Hi neighbor, great huh, now I can see you!

Hi neighbor, great huh, now I can see you!

You know while the rest of the world battles with an increase surge in violence, Scotland is quietly dealing with their own growing problem….hedge rage. Oh hell yeah, and its  spiralling out of control says Community Safety Minister, Fergus Ewing.What orginally starts off as a wee hedge drama often develops into a Rob Roy or at the very least a neighborly hagis hurling spat. Evidently some hedge growers have zero empathy for their neighbors or the issues they have to deal with in maintaining a hedge.  So anywho to find solutions for this growing problem and to avoid any further anti social hedge behavior they are having a three month consultation. Atta boys.


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2 responses to “Put Up a Friggin Fence

  1. Ann

    Austrian friend here as a hedge all around her back garden which started as a row or trees which spread out. Now hubby can walk across the top of it 20 feet up and trim it with a hedge trimmer. Trouble is the other side of the hedge is now somewhere in the middle of the back neighbours garden. Luckily they are renters who have no intention of trimming this humungous hedge. It’s every neighbour’s nightmare.
    I shudder to think how it will look if part of it dries out and dies with this drought.. Not a good look. Still, I remember granny’s hedge in Scotland was maintained to perfection. Not one branch dared grown longer than the other. Hedges seems to be part of the landscape over there. Neighbours talk to each over the hedge. Snowball fights take place over the hedge if they aren’t too high. Good fun. Birds nest in them. Oh hedges are great for that “neighbors be gone effect”.

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