So That’s Why They Are Called ASYLUM Seekers?

Who friggin fed you and housed you?

Who friggin fed you and housed you?

An asylum seeker who got rejected because he used a fake passport is suing the British Government for £150,000 for breaching his human rights and damaging his health.When  Fridoon Sadiqi from Afghanistan entered Britain under false documents in 1999 his application was rejected and so to every other application and appeal he tried there after. Using every legal avenue available to him Sadiqi has managed to stay in Britain for 10 years fighting the immigration ruling.  In all that time he has spent only 3 weeks in a detention centre, the rest a free man. But it is those three week in which he is claiming he suffered post traumatic stress disorder. In response to his latest legal battle Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe said ‘If his treatment has been so bad here, then why doesn’t he find another country to go claim asylum in?’

Psst Lets see him try getting £150,000 from the Taliban ,aren’t they ones who got him in this mess in the first place. More friggin stress there , I say!

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