Well There Goes The Romance!

There goes the cheap Christmas presents!

And there goes the cheap Christmas presents!

Cancer alert to all people using scented candles. Evidently (so scientists say), many of those relaxing, soothing, romantic smelling candles you have burning around your house are laced with toxins linked to cancer and other nasty ailments. Great! Ewh and the worst offending candles are the ones made from paraffin wax,hello, a byproduct of petroleum! They can spew out harmful amounts of chemicals, including toluene and benzene. Oh but people don’t panic just quite yet, beeswax and soy candles have been given the all clear!

Psst Geez, don’t let the gas and petrol sniffers hear about this!


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8 responses to “Well There Goes The Romance!

  1. Ann

    There’s a shop in Melbourne called Zoe’s Well a few actually. It smells beautiful for the first 15 seconds then I have to get out of the shop. I start feeling ill with the strongly perfumed things they have sitting around on tables and on display. I believe it contains nasties if it affects my nervous system like that. I love it but it doesn’t love me. Ah gimme the smell on onions cooking any day. It’s the best smell in the neighbourhood lol

  2. Ann

    Kilbasa and Saurkraut YUMMIE !!

  3. Cinnamon and Spice (and everything nice)

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