Doors May Have To Be Made A Little Wider!

It must be “obese people being lifted out by crane” week. In Germany an overweight woman had to be craned out from her home in Bottrop after all atempts failed to get her through the door. The woman who weighed 250kg (550lb) was placed on a stretcher and lowered from a top floor window to a waiting ambulance below. Then over in Brisbane, Australia, a 300kg (660lb) caused a little chaos when authorities were forced to close a bridge so they could crane him out of his apartment building following a severe asthma attack.

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One response to “Doors May Have To Be Made A Little Wider!

  1. Ann

    There was a show on about these obese people Loon and they still manage to use a finger to dial pizza and take away. Someone should pull out the friggin phone and nail the fridge shut, then they’d lose weight. In Oz I’m obese at just under 79 Kilo. Mind you I carry it well. lol Says me after having polished off a couple of Ferrerer Rocher chocolates.
    Oh well why deprive yourself as I have a long way to catch up to these guys . But really you have to know when to stop.

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