Do You Know Who I Am ?

Man lies about being deputy chief of CIA to get off speeding ticketYou are caught going 66 mph in a 55 mph zone in Mount Carmel, Tennessee and you are sent a citation,what do you do? Well, if you are 56 year old Scott Gibson you send the police a little note saying you are exempt from any fines because you are the deputy chief of the CIA. OK, here’s the thing Mr Scott, even if you were deputy chief of the CIA, which you are clearly not, you would still have to pay! Now you’ve got a friggin criminal impersonation charge and maybe federal charges pending, on top of the $75 speeding fine. Bummer!


Filed under Friggin Dumbass, Friggin Hilarious

5 responses to “Do You Know Who I Am ?

  1. I thought the CIA used people who could lie through their teeth. Scott does have teeth, doesn’t he?

  2. Ann

    Listen up people Austrian friend’s hubby got a speeding fine doing over 70 in a 60 zone so in all their wisdom they wrote a letter to the commissioner of wherever pleading that he had a lapse of judgement and seeing as he’s never had a fine before would they please consider withdrawing the fine and just issue a warning. Guess what…… they friggin did!!!! I’ve been looking after their dog and their mail for almost five weeks and the letter came and you could just see part of a work INFR… so when she rang I told her that I think he’d got another one. She asked me to open it and lo and behold it was Cancellation of Infringement and a warning notice….. Ok, let’s all do likewise. If you’re speeding you’re speeding wait till she gets back!!

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