Guess Who’s Been Wearing My Knickers?



So what does the mayor of Preesall in Lancashire do for kicks? Hmm, evidently he likes to sneak into women’s houses semi naked, rummage through their undie draws, find the nicest pair possible, put them on and then perform a sex act. Well I’ll be! Geez, our mayor’s kind of lame compared to him! Ian Stafford, 58, was arrested by police after a woman, who was determined to find the culprit responsible for her missing knickers, installed a hidden camera in her bedroom. Low and behold if the dude creeping around her room was none other than the friggin mayor! Police found a collection of woman’s undies at his home matching the description of those reported missing.  Ewh and you all voted for him!


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7 responses to “Guess Who’s Been Wearing My Knickers?

  1. Bet he didn’t get kicked out of the skank union.

  2. Ian related to Jim Stafford?
    Jim don’t like spiders and snakes…..

  3. Ann

    Anything to pretty up that old scrotum lol.

  4. Whoah! Way to stall your career…..

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