X Rated Factor!

It is either a sock or singing isn’t Steve’s best asset. Poor Steve had a little issue when he auditioned for X Factor. Hmm, seems there was a party going on in his pants. The sight of poor Steve’s bulge sent the audience into fits of laughter and the judges into opened eyed shock. Before Bearman bursts our collective bubble with shrieks of fake.. check it out (before Youtube block it).


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Hilarious, Whoops!

16 responses to “X Rated Factor!

  1. What a great start to a Monday morning !!!

    Thanks for posting this – pmsl

  2. OMG, that is an absolute cracker!!!

  3. Was it a joke? As in did he deliberately stuff his pants?

  4. Ann

    I don’t think I’d know where ELSE to look Hmm impressive lol Imagine friggin carrying that around with you!!!Exhausting to say the least. Ah well when he’s at the beach it will keep the flies off his face…. and back and front.
    My bad. Lol

  5. he obviously was hoping his hidden treasure would move him up to the next round!

  6. How soon attention diverts from Steve’s ‘Battle of the Bulge’!! Probably rename the show the ‘J’ factor now!!

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