Whole Lot Of Shaking Going On!

That's when the heartache begins!

That's when the heartache begins!

WTF. Where did all the Elvis impersonators go? Organizers of the “lets break the record for the  number of Elvis impersonators” event were left highly disappointed after only 29 rocked up. Geez Louise. The Ship Inn at Par, Cornwall, was expecting at least 148 Elvis’s to turn up to break the world record but had to be happy with 29. Fingers are now  being pointed at bad weather and the recession for the extremely poor turn out. This comes on the heels of last years failure when 63 Elvis Presleys were banned for not being dressed up enough. Thank you very much!

Psst The Aussies hold the record at 147 set in 2001

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One response to “Whole Lot Of Shaking Going On!

  1. Ann

    Yeah I worked with one of their sisters in law. This Elvis was very tanned. In fact he was an Indian.

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