The Great Belgian Beer Heist

Perth man steal sea container full of premium Belgian beer

Hey, anyone seen 1349 cartons of Belgian Hoegaarden beer?

Wouldn’t you know it , the moment I slag off Perth, they go and do something to redeem themselves! Yes, a PERTH man has been charged with stealing a sea container full of premium imported beer. Brilliant. Yes and it’s now even being dubbed the “The Great Belgian Beer Heist” (good for tourism).  Evidently the  man and a unknown accomplice used a side loading trailer to haul away the sea container packed with 1349 cartons of Belgian Hoegaarden beer . Now all the police have to do is locate the stolen beer. Good luck with that!

Psst I swear if the guy plays his cards right he might have even become the next Prime Minister of Australia . Yes, all hail Palmyra man.


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8 responses to “The Great Belgian Beer Heist

  1. That reminds me … yer all invitd to my place fer th First Annual Great Belgian Beer Hoist.

  2. It is a smashing drop of beer; if offered, take it, as many as you can carry, but drink sensibly and don’t inhale…

  3. jammer5

    Well, there was this time, over in Vietnam, where some Air Force dudes went down to the Navy dock and found this pallet of beer sitting by itself all lonely and such. Now I’m not saying they absconded with it, but it’s loneliness slowly evaporated, which was a very good thing, as there’s nothing worse than lonely beer.

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