Please Don’t Shit On The Rock

I don't swim in your toilet.....

I don't swim in your toilet.....

OK here’s the thing people, when climbing up sacred sites such as Uluru, please don’t take up a roll of toilet paper and treat it like a toilet. Not only is it bad for tourism, it’s a sacred site. Traditional owners, the Anangu people, say they are fed up with human waste and rubbish washing down into their  sacred pool. They are seriously contemplating closing the rock climb to tourists.


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3 responses to “Please Don’t Shit On The Rock

  1. Ann

    I thought it already was closed to tourists walking on it it case they wear it out.Lol. Well that’s my slant on it as the aboriginals seem to come up with any excuse to claim things. But I have to agree it’s not a frggin toilet and is a great place to visit. By the way I have photos of my two at 8 and 11 looking like their faces were about to blow off.right on the highest spot on Uluru. It was so windy. up there. That was before the the indigenous ones needed privacy. They can mix with us but they need their privacy.What is wrong with the world today, they are Aussies just like us eh Loon? I’m into all things tribal and sacred really and we need to take care of Uluru but the natives need to remember they do not own it. it’s not really there just for them, it belongs to all of us even the tourists. Having said that I still feel that the Aboriginals need to lift their game ad sober up. stop sexually abusing their kids and get over the ” my people stuff.” They are not like the Osage Indian tribes, they prefer the lazy life of doing jack shit and getting drunk all day. Ok Jammers it’s probably not all that bad a life but Uluru is for the whole world to climb if they feel so inclined. I couldn’t get past the chain and that’s about 1/10 of the climb. Lol Lazy sod I am.

    • jammer5

      Sorry to disagree, but I think there really are sacred places on this planet, and if the original inhabitants of Australia think the rock is one of them, then in my opinion, it should be made so. Let em have it and respect their religion. So Australia loses a tourist attraction. It’s not like there aren’t thousands more to take its place.

      I don’t think anybody here would approve of the aborigines coming down and shitting in their churches. People can’t have it both ways.

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