Duck and Cover

OK, let me first start by saying one of the Madhatters found this clip but I laughed so hard I thought I would share it with the loons. This is a snippet from a safety video produced in 1951 by the United States Federal Government’s Civil Defense branch advising people what to do in case of a nuclear bomb attack. Oh and the government never lies!

Psst Hiding under your newspaper…priceless.


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7 responses to “Duck and Cover

  1. Ann

    What happens when the paper burns?

    • Ann, more like what happens when you simply vaporize 🙂 . Dumbass government. Build a friggin H-bomb, drop it on Hiroshima and then make that friggin safety clip. Now you know why I am skeptical about everything, including the moon landing!!!

  2. I can’t find a copy of the military version of When the Wind Blows, but this gives a better idea…

  3. Ann

    My Scottish / Japanese friend’s mum Yoshi lived through Hiroshima.
    She said it was like hell! How can governments do that? Scary stuff. I don’t wish to ever witness a war first hand.

    • How’s the Japanese guy who survived the first bomb and went to the Hiroshima hospital where they told him to go home to Kagashima because the hospitals were full . Wouldn’t you know it he got friggin bombed there as well. He is still alive but has had hundreds of operations to remove friggin tumors! Unlucky!

  4. Too funny. by the way, I got 7/7 on archie’s bbc quiz this week – first time ever!!!! and I have you to thank for my success because I read most of the news items on your blog – thanks!!!!!

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