Taylor Swift Gets Dissed

WTF Kanye West, maybe you should seriously think about hooking up with Serena. All I can say is I am just glad this incident didn’t include a Asian line judge! Dear god, could someone have saved the poor Swift girl before the camera cut back to her standing there in a “OMG I have been friggin dissed” pose for the whole world to see! Hell,awkward. The music industry was left stunned at the VMA after a angry Kanye West grabbed the microphone from teenage singer Taylor Swift, proclaiming Beyonce should have won (that is so double awkward with a cherry on top!). I am guessing she’ll be dreading the Grammys! Oh and by the way Bearman has done a hilarious toon on the Kanye incident.

Psst Word on the grapevine, Pink was none too please and had to be moved on by guards before she could let him have it.

2ND Psst Your will have to bear with me as Viacom are having a bitch slap over Youtube posting the diss clip (seems the multi billion dollar lawsuit between the two has got a whole lot nastier).

The diss..

The recovery diss


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12 responses to “Taylor Swift Gets Dissed

  1. Kanye is officialy a dick! And Beyonce is more beautiful than ever! She looked so incredulous at what Kanye did..if there was a hole to crawl into I am sure she would have done that in the first instance.

  2. have you seen the hilarious South Park episode where they make fun of Kanye’s inability to understand the fish sticks joke?

    that guy is a nutter

  3. jammer5

    Like, what’s with the chick growing feathers all around her face? Does she taste like chicken? Seriously serious people want to know these kind of things.

  4. Ann

    Yeah I saw that too and thought WTF?
    I wish Pink had got to him I believe she’s a real bad ass when she want to be. Lurv her music and her hair. Don’t like all the piercings though. She’ll be leaky later on lol

  5. i wanted taylor swift to punch kanye in the throat…too bad she is so sweet….I will have to do it

    • Ann

      How do you punch someone in the throat? The nose, the face, the head the stomach, but the throat? Is that what they do these days? Throat punching eh ! He needed something but now sure what. What’s with all that crazy stuff on his head? I couldn’t make it out whether it was tattoos or his hair just shaved in a weird kind of design.

      • It is shaved into weird designs.You know the only thing more embarrassing for that girl would have been had she got up to accept the award and it wasn’t her name called out. If that was me, I’d just die! It won’t be hard writing “the person I don’t want to be this week” post 🙂

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