Surprise, It Was Just A Drill!

Take what you want!!

Take what you want!!

Bummer. A New Jersey pharmacy technician is suing the pants off the  Hampton Behavior Health Center and the Universal Health Services Inc after they staged a fake hold up and hostage situation without telling her. Babette Perry says she was traumatized when a gunman burst into her pharmacy, pointed a gun at her and then demanded OxyContin. He then told her he had taken a hostage. This was all part of a training drill she hadn’t been pre warned about (well, it wouldn’t be realistic then, would it?).  Now Ms Perry has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and insomnia. Not happy!


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3 responses to “Surprise, It Was Just A Drill!

  1. Maybe she should break into a pharmacy and steal some OxyContin and then say it was just a drill??

  2. griffin

    Would it still have been a drill if she had shot and killed the robber?

    • Good point Griffin. See, had that been me, it could have got nasty! I actually chased a mugger once and managed to get back the stuff he had stolen. Should have seen the look in his eyes….should have seen the look in mine 🙂 .

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