Shit Happens

Man robbed while on toiletThe moral of this story is to always lock your toilet stall because you just never know when some crazed gunman might push the door open and order you to strip naked so he can steal all your money! You think I jest, well some sucker at Wiggie’s Bar had that very thing happen to him. Yep, he was minding his own business, when some crazy with a sawn off shotgun pushed open the stall and ordered him to take his clothes off. After the gunmen took the money he threw the clothes in the corner allowing the victim to return to the bar with some form of dignity to report the crime. Hmm, a bar employee has a different story claiming the victim was standing at the urinal just before the robbery. Plot thickens.

Psst Maybe it was his shout?


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5 responses to “Shit Happens

  1. Always a good idea. Lock them doors!

  2. Ann

    My son had a strange incident happen to him at the toilets at Australia On Collins in Melbourne. Somebody grabbed his ankle from underneath the stall and scared him so much he almost kicked the stall to bits. It was an old man wearing a woollen jumper!!! As my son is almost 6 feet tall and quite solid he went straight out after him ( Once he’s done up his daks) and cornered him. He alerted security who said that he had NO PROOF WTF ? I reckon you should go to the loo in twos as Monica and I do. You watch my stuff and I’ll watch yours kind of tactics..

  3. Yep, lock them doors and stand on the toilet squatting, so your ankles are safe… Lots of fruity people out there…

  4. Wow. I am totally going to do this to someone.

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