How Desperate Are You?

What is there left to say?

What is there left to say?

OK, here’s the thing people, if you are going to build a male sex doll called Nax, don’t make him look like the stoned out sleazy guy woman avoid like the plague at nightclubs (for starters). Despite being described as “a giant of a man with athletic appeal.”, the creepy follically challenged dude, with a long pony tail and protruding forehead looks like he just stepped out of the 1980’s. Ohh and should I be so bold as to mention some of his redeeming features “automatically soaring penis” and “artificial automatic ejaculation.”. Not even that would be worth the $10,000 price tag. I suggest to any lady thinking of purchasing Nax that maybe you should seriously think about spending that money elsewhere, like on a boob job. Seriously,you couldn’t possibly attract anything worse than Nax!

Psst Did I happen to mention he also has a healthy patch of pubic hair?

2nd Psst Nurse Myra knows all about Nax too and has a more detailed account. Dear god, do you have to assemble him?


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16 responses to “How Desperate Are You?

  1. Damn it! I thought I bought back all those ’80’s pictures of me.

  2. you could always try a paper bag over his head?

  3. “artifical automatic ejaculation”

    Hmmm …. sounds like a previous EX-boyfriend …

    • Bless Nurse Myra, that was posted before I discovered Gim Crack Hospital. I LOL’d when I read you too had avoided showing all of the dolls intimate parts. Sometimes it’s better left up to the imagination .

  4. griffin

    Nax’s telescope is facing the ground! Doesn’t that make it hard to use????

  5. So this is who The Dresden Dolls were singing about on that song …

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