Useless Friggin Information

22 cigarettes were smoked in the movie Casablanca. (That’s not many!)

Ewh, Burt Reynolds was originally going to play Hans Solo. (Carrie Fisher was lucky!)

One pile of dog poop attracts on average of 144 flies. (So who was counting?)

Barbie’s last name is Roberts. (Hmm, before or after her divorce from Ken?)

On the US dollar bill, there is an owl in the upper left-hand corner of the “1” and a spider hidden in the upper right! You don’t believe me do you? Check it out.


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8 responses to “Useless Friggin Information

  1. Ann

    I’ll carry this bit of information to my grave I promise, well maybe, no probably not. But the spider’s good!

  2. I saw nothing on the left side of the bill in this video.

    • OK Bearman, imagine the video you just watched doing exactly the same thing on the other side 🙂

      • So its the same image that the video questions whether it is a owl or a spider yet you define the same picture on both sides of the bill as one being an owl and the other being a spider.

        Now who is confused?

      • Bearman, Bearman, Bearman, to tell you the truth, the other clip was too long and the guy had a creepy voice (wasn’t you was it?). Plus I thought you pretty much got the gist. I resorted to the video after I searched for the little suckers on my bill and couldn’t make out jack!

  3. I haven’t got any dollar bills.

    But I’ve looked at a ÂŁ1 coin, and can’t find any bloody corners, never mind owls or other wildlife.

  4. SO … who is going to send me a dollar bill, so I can check this out for myself? Actually, send me a few, just in case I can’t find in on the first couple …

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