Water On The Moon, Who Friggin Knew!

Guantanamo Bay is moving!

Guantanamo Bay is moving!

OK, call me cynical (or a Friggin Loon) but you gotta kinda question the whole moon landing thingy when India finds evidence of large quantities of water on the moon (hmm, there goes the cheese theory!). What the hell were you Apollo boys doing up there? Geez, India finds water on their first friggin lunar mission. No wonder Obama isn’t giving you another friggin cent! Lazy assed astronauts!

So anywho what does this all mean? Well, apart from no more urine drinking, it opens the floodgates for the race to colonize the moon (just as soon as they learn how to land on it!). Personally I think, do away the death sentence, send every friggin perp up there and turn it into a global prison. Sort of like Guantanamo Bay with orange spacesuits. Hey, it isn’t like you have to build anything, let them have the lot. Think of it as just like a new Australia!

Psst You mark my words, if the water is drinkable they will be selling bottled Lunar Liquid Water at $456,000 a pop!

Psst Hey by the way, while you are up there, can you look for the friggin waving flag! Odds are you wont find it !


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5 responses to “Water On The Moon, Who Friggin Knew!

  1. jammer5

    Sheesh, ya think the man in the moon dry shaves? Of course there’s water . . . and moist towelettes, moon cheese (you don’t wanna know!), and reruns of the Andy Griffith show. The old guy’s gotta have some fun.

  2. So th Indians find watr on th moonski and you ask what th heck th Apollo boys were doin up there?

    Geez, Loon! … Who dya think made th dangd watr?

  3. Ann

    I’m still waiting till they find that subdivision where all the migrants live. Forests, hills lakes and other things but moon rocks and water. How could life previously exist there? I want to see them bring back bugs, worms and stuff. On second thoughts that 1 legged snake is still in my mind. I will be thinking about that AND Lady Catherine tonight. Loon you are going to turn me into a nervous wreck?

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