Tastes Like Chicken

Woman eats partners pet goldfishOMG how gross. A woman who became so pissed off with her partner during a domestic, she fried up his pet goldfish and ate them, well, three of them. Despite what could only have been a painful demise for the helpless creatures the Pasadena police said they weren’t going to lay charges.

Psst Dear god I hope they didn’t have names!


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7 responses to “Tastes Like Chicken

  1. jammer5

    Actually, they taste like carp.
    Cooking carp: Take one carp, sprinkle with salt and pepper, nail to an wet oak slat (yes, I said slat), place on BBQ, let cook for one hour, remove fish and throw away, eat board.

  2. Well, you didnt expeckt her to eat his gerbil, didja?

  3. Have you seen the Vietnamese film “Cyclo”?

    He doesn’t even bother to fry them up first

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