Fat Assed Skunk Put On A Diet

Imagine the stench when Mr Bumbles lets rip!

Does my ass look fat in these?

WTF! OK, it’s bad enough having a skunk as a pet but feeding it bacon sandwiches is wrong people, just wrong. Meet Mr Bumbles the obese skunk who became so obsessed with bacon sandwiches he ballooned to 14lb, which is double its ideal weight!. It seems the previous owners of the fat assed skunk kowtowed to his desire for everything pork. Hmm, but now that Mr Bumbles has been handed over to the RSPCA he has been put on a strict diet. No more bacon butties for you fat guy, you’re on a diet of fruit and vegies until you shed some of your flab. Hmm, I would step away from Mr Bumbles when he blows!

Psst Rumors are Mr Bumbles maybe the new spokesskunk for Jenny Craig!


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7 responses to “Fat Assed Skunk Put On A Diet

  1. Ann

    Me thinks I’d better get on that diet too. I’m getting to look like the skunk but blonde.

  2. Yep. He has a fatter ass than me…and mine is ALL bacon!

  3. Hey I resemble that remark. What could the poor owners do.

    “Give me a bacon sandwich or i’ll spray you”

  4. jammer5

    Being that fat gives the victim enough time to run, as it probably takes him ten minutes to turn and spray 🙂

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