When In Humpty Doo

Couple have sex in car after crashingAn Aussie guy who drove drunk, crossed to the wrong side of the road and crashed into a concrete drain in Humpty Doo was left a little red faced. Hmm, despite having minor injuries he and his woman decided it was a good time as any to have sex (it wasn’t like they were going anywhere). Bril, except for the fact the police soon rocked up. After a few awkward moments the couple were removed from the wreck!


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4 responses to “When In Humpty Doo

  1. Ann

    Well what did you expect in Humpty Doo Loon? That’s a “My People” kind of place isn’t it?

  2. They were probably concussed in the accident, and thought they were in South Africa. Had they actually been here, they would have been able to get at least a 45 minute session in ….

  3. jammer5

    It’s a known fact: Accidents make you horny. I recall the last time I was in an auto accident, I pulled out my inflatable life sized copy of Hillary Clinton and we sang songs about blue dresses.

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