Falling Into Deep Shit

Take a bath man!

Take a bath man!

You pretty much know your life sucks when you go to check out your septic tank, it collapses and you fall in. Paul Paff can verify this, he fell 10ft into 3ft of shit. Doesn’t get much better than that. Not only couldn’t he climb out, there was no one around to hear his cries. For two hours he wallowed in sewage until Murphy, the neighbors dog came over for a look see. When the pooch started barking smart thinking Mr Paff started barking back. Pretty soon Murphy was riled up enough that his owner came out to investigate what all the barking was about. There she found Murphy and one very relieved neighbor. After soaking in shit for 3 hours it wasn’t surprising it took a 2 hour long bath to scrub himself clean.


Filed under Friggin Gross, How Embarrassing, Sore Loser, Whoops!

6 responses to “Falling Into Deep Shit

  1. Ann

    That’s gross lol he really was in the shit!

  2. Swimming in shit AND barking at the neighbour’s dog? They need to lock this dude up man!

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